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Family Owned

We are a family owned restoration contracting company. Acting as a unified team is in our nature. We have a greater sense of commitment and accountability not only to ourselves, but to whom ever we have the pleasure of serving that day. Here as family members every individual is willing to wear several different hats to over exceed what is in our job description in order to ensure the happiness of our clients. Since our team members, insurance leaders, and homeowners are seen as extended family members we place higher importance of their needs than any other competitor in our field. Please, allow our family at Altec to help your family “Put Distress to Rest.”


EST 1994

Being in the restoration contracting industry for more than 20 years has given us the experience needed to complete any job. Our team of professionals have encountered and overcome many common challenges in the residential reconstruction workplace. This allows for faster productivity and overall satisfaction we can deliver to you, our valued client.



Established for more than 20 years servicing the insurance sector where we can add real value committed to work quality.

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LICENSE#: 740844

Prior to selecting a contractor you should always check the status of the Contractor’s license. We invite you to validate our license by checking it out on the Contractors State License Board website.

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